Student who asked his date to the prom by spelling out the n-word to face ‘severe consequences’

KLTA grab

Two students at a Los Angeles High School face “severe punishment” after a photo depicting them posing with a racist prom invite went viral online.

In the photo, one male and one female student are holding a big sign that says: “BiaNca You are racIst but I would Give anything for you to Go with mE to PRom,” according to ABC affiliate KNBC TV.

It is thought that the capitalised, bolded letters spell out a racial slur.

Both students attend Palos Verdes High School.

The school head teacher Allan Tyner told KLTA that parents of the two teens in the photo have been contacted.

In a statement, he said: “We have been in touch with the identified students and their families to inform them that we are forming a response and anticipate severe consequences.”

He added that the sign is unacceptable in line with the school’s values.

The student who initially took the photo, which had been circulating on Snapchat, to the headmaster, told KTLA:

It’s truly disgusting behaviour. My first reaction was that ‘we need to mobilise.’

Addressing the racial slur, she said: “It makes me feel small, honestly. To know that there are students on my campus who think that that is acceptable. Who think that’s appropriate? Who think that word is just a word that can be thrown around like that and you know it makes you feel as though you don’t belong.”

School officials will be meeting with students, and a police investigation has been launched.

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