Store's 'racist' sign says it would charge extra to customers who didn't speak English

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It’s another day of racists getting what’s coming to them.

Cutter’s Edge, a blade sharpening business in Clifton, New Jersey, is facing a wave of backlash after a sign reading “Speak English or Pay $10 Extra” was on display at the entrance.

The United States doesn’t have an official language, and while some states have designated English as their official language, New Jersey isn’t one of them.

The original tweet went viral, and many people expressed their disgust at the sign. Beyond the obvious racism on display, people have also taken to looking closer at the other eyebrow-raising signs on the window. One person pointed out the owner’s hypocrisy considering that a different sign on the window has a spelling error.

Another noticed the sexism in the store's help wanted sign.

Unsurprisingly, the owner is also a Trump supporter.

Cutter’s Edge has also received an influx of negative reviews on Yelp, with the store now at a 1.5 star rating. The business's page is now "being monitered" by Yelp and users are unable to leave a review. One review reads:

2 years ago someone left a review and David said "We welcome all walks of life." I guess that has changed since then.

Another had no qualms of pointing out the owner’s racism:

How embarrassing in this day and age that someone would find the need to exclude people from giving them business, especially during this pandemic when small businesses are already struggling. However, this company found it necessary to put up a racist sign "charging" patrons $10 extra for not speaking English in their store. That one sign speaks volumes about the type of people they are.

The owner, David Feinberg, has apologised, telling USA Today:

I did it out of frustration. I had something to get off my chest.

Feinberg also displayed a new sign expressing regret over the original sign, which ironically (again), had many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

So much for speaking English apparently.

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