Nebbia Žilina/Facebook

This is Norwegian bodybuilder Dennis Johansen.

He is an ambassador for Slovakian sportswear brand Nebbia, and he recently appeared in this advert for them.

That shouldn’t be a big deal to anyone.

But sadly some brain-dead racist idiots started to leave horrible comments on Nebbia’s Facebook page. The sort of nasty stuff that you can probably imagine, but isn’t worth repeating.

But then Nebbia CEO Martin Pecko stepped up to put the racist idiots in their place, in a blog post on the company’s website. And he did not hold back.

The person in our picture is our good friend Dennis. He’s European, just like you. [He] has a university degree, a figure that you’ll never have, and a beautiful wife at home (who is white and blonde)

He also said he’d be happy if those threatening to boycott the brand stopped buying their products, as then:

...we won’t have to feel ashamed because of [you].

Pecko saved the best for a second blog post though. He said that anyone who wanted to complain could contact him at a new email address he had specially set up: somrasista@nebbia.sk

If you’re Slovakian is a bit rusty, we’ll translate that for you – it basically mean 'I am a racist'.

Well played.


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