Rami Malek has stepped into the shoes of pop icon and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury for his latest on-screen role.

But Bohemian Rhapsody has so far been plagued by controversy. After trailers emerged, the film faced criticism as it appeared to erase the AIDS crisis and Mercury’s sexuality. Director Brian Singer has also faced allegations of sexual abuse in recent years, which he strongly denies.

Given the negative vibes surrounding the film, you’d think its actors would be poised to put this right during their promotional appearances. However, the promo tour appears to have gotten off to a rough start.

Malek was asked by LGBT+ news websiteINTOwhether he considers Mercury to be a gay icon. His answer has been slammed by LGBT+ people, who accused him of "fumbling" the question.

Twitter users were quick to make their feelings known on this answer, which was inarticulate at best.

H/T: Into

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