Rapper says he won't go blind by looking at solar eclipse is probably regretting it right now

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Joey Bada$$ is one of the best up and coming rappers in the music world today.

At just 22-years-old he's already released two albums that have made it into the US top five chart.

Earlier this week he was due to play a series of shows across America and Canada, but has had to cancel them because of a problem.

That problem was the total solar eclipse that occurred in the skies of North America on Monday.

Now, most people know that looking directly into a solar eclipse, without protection, is very dangerous. Just ask Donald Trump.

It would seem that Bada$$ truly wanted to live up to his unique stage name, and announced on Twitter that he didn't need protective glasses to enjoy the eclipse.

Saying that his ancestors didn't need fancy eyewear seems like an interesting hypothesis, but there is little indication that he did any research into it.

If Joey had looked into how to safely watch an eclipse, he would have learned that looking directly at the sun can burn a hole in your retina.

The New York Times reported on Monday of 70-year-old Louis Tomososki, who looked at an eclipse for a few seconds in 1963. He has had a blind spot in his right eye ever since.

Just a day after the eclipse, Joey posted this tweet, confirming that he would have to cancel three dates on his tour 'due to unforeseen circumstances.'

He also posted this rather sheepish image on Instagram of the new shades he has to wear during the day time.

Joey, next time listen to your fans on Twitter:

Once he announced that he would have to cancel the aforementioned tour dates, people couldn't help but say 'told you so'.

Although Joey hasn't shared the extent of the damage his eyes have apparently received, he clearly sees some amusement in the whole incident and has even been retweeting some of the funnier replies he has received.

Picture: Picture: Twitter/ Screengrab

Picture: Picture: Twitter/ Screengrab

He did post one defiant tweet though.

Let this be a lesson to anyone; looking into a solar eclipse is a very bad idea, even if you are a famous rapper.

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