Rare footage of the late North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il has been released by a YouTube channel appearing under the name of state broadcaster Korean Central Television (KCTV).

Kim, the father of current leader Kim Jong-un, can be seen in one of the HD clips inspecting the studios of KCTV. Overall, seven new videos of Kim have been uploaded to the YouTube channel.

According to NK News, such footage of Kim - before he came to power in 1994 - is extremely rare, with the majority of archive footage only being available in standard definition.

The videos, with trademark hysterical commentary, ethereal music and servile citizens, come just a month after the regime announced it would begin broadcasting in HD.

It is unclear how many citizens - the vast majority of whom live in extremely oppressive conditions and do not have HD television sets - will benefit from the service.

NK News also questions the credibility of the YouTube channel, explaining that while the footage is genuine, it is unlikely to be directly managed by Pyongyang. The logo shown on the videos is unlike one used by the official channel and the channel's 'about' page uses uncharacteristic language.

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