Someone has created an incredibly realistic Kim Jong-un golf game

Tiger Woods' EA Sports video game franchise may have a new rival as the best golf simulation around.

Some clever soul has created an online version of Kim Jong-un playing golf, where it's literally impossible not to get a hole in one.

Kim's father Kim Jong-il was famously reported (by North Korean state media we hasten to add) to have shot a record-breaking 38 under par - including five holes-in-one - the very first time he picked up a set of clubs. Maybe his son has had a bit more practice.

This game, featuring the podgy despot in a dashing pair of chequered trousers, is slightly repetitive, although we thoroughly enjoyed the retro arcade game graphics and the sense of achievement at scoring a hole in one on the par 768 5th hole.

It also goes way behind 18 holes - which disappointingly takes away some of the golfing realism, we're sure you'll agree.

We managed to get to hole 25 before giving up, but see how far you can go here.

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