Reading this might turn you into a Marxist

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Wednesday 03 December 2014 13:30

If you thought Myleene Klass saying you couldn't get much more than a garage in London with £2million to spend was annoying, this snippet from the Evening Standard's wonderful diary column may be too much to take.

According to its report of a meeting at Chelsea Town Hall, organised by Nicholas Paget-Brown, the leader of Kensington and Chelsea council, and Hampstead resident Dr Harald Lipman, locals have the following nickname for the proposal:

The two-bedroom tax.

Dr Lipman, a retired former Foreign Office senior medical adviser, told the paper why the residents of Kensington and Chelsea are revolting:

This is a non-partisan, apolitical campaign, it’s humanitarian.

Yes, he said humanitarian. And if you ever needed a reminder that everything in life is relevant, this quote from one unnamed resident is more than adequate:

Yes, lots of us do live in properties that might be considered fantastically valuable by the standards of the rest of the country but around here are considered extremely small-fry.

Under Labour's proposed mansion tax policy, those who earn properties worth between £2-3million would pay around £250 per month extra in tax.

Here is a reminder of what £2million can get you in Kensington and Chelsea (note the three bedrooms).

Via Zoopla

And in Hampstead.


The poor darlings...

H/T Andrew Ellson

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