Reclaim These Streets breaks crowdfunding target by raising £500,000

Sarah Everard

Sarah Everard’s alleged murder has caused an outpouring of donations

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Activist group Reclaim These Streets has raised more than £500,000 following Sarah Everard’s alleged murder.

A JustGiving page was set up by the organisation after police warned activists not to attend a vigil for Everard in London on Saturday.

Instead, the group asked for people to donate to a fund that they said would go to various women’s charities throughout the UK.

Organisers of the fund have said that any money raised from the legal costs funds will be donated to charity.

However, some have asked for some of this money to go towards covering the legal costs of those who did attend the event at Clapham Common. The Metropolitan Police have come under fire for their conduct at the vigil after pictures emerged.

Reclaim These Streets has retweeted accounts expressing their opposition to the new legislation proposed by the government to reduce protest rights.

You can donate here.

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