Believe it or not, this recruitment industry video isn't a parody

Believe it or not, this recruitment industry video isn't a parody

A recruitment office released a video which showed its staff some of the incentives - a luxury holiday, for example - they could get if they worked hard enough.

The internet thought it was a parody.

Haigh Associates uploaded the video on its Linkedin page and it wasn't long before people went in on it.

The London recruitment agency produced a video that features exactly six men and one woman, and has them doing all sorts of cool stuff.

In one shot, they're dudebro-ing outside a flashy building, and in another they've rolled up their sleeves and play a bit of good ol' table tennis in the office.

What follows is a montage of (mostly) white men walking into a meeting room, getting into a hoity toity car, getting out of said car, and concludes with the boys getting into a private plane.

The internet is having a particularly good time ripping the video up into little, manageable pieces of humour.

Jesse Gray, the co-founder of Haigh Associates, responded to the criticism with a message to Stevie Buckley - who first spotted the video:

Very proud to share a clip which gives an insight into the culture, environment and incentives we offer to our top performers at Haigh. 

This gives a glimpse into out summer incentive top billers trip in which we took the top performers on a private jet, all expenses paid trip to Ibiza.

And another co-founder added:

Ibiza? the centre for middle class laddery? Needless to say, it made things worse...

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