The following post containts content of a sexual nature... Obviously.

There is no such thing as a stupid question.

But that doesn't mean you can't have a laugh at some of the more ridiculous ones.

This reddit thread on the best questions overheard in sex education classes is rather hilarious - but it does also show just how important sex education is in schools.

A safe environment for kids to learn about themselves and the pros and risks of sex is never a bad thing... Plus it means we get to read stories like these.

Here are the highlights.

The act

We had a box where people could write a question they were too embarrassed to ask and someone would read them aloud for the teacher to answer. The best one was "if I'm doing a girl in the butt and she farts, will my balls explode?"



"If I keep letting him pee on me will I get pregnant?" Best day of my entire schooling ever.

- RedWhiteButNotBlue


We had an anonymous questions box where students could ask questions they were too embarrassed to raise their hand and ask. A lot of times people would just write joke questions but the teacher would read them anyway.

One day the teacher reads the question "Is it better to masturbate with your left or right penis?"

Kid in the back audibly says "You're supposed to have two??" and almost immediately starts crying.


The teacher told us the average penis size. Girl beside me whips out a ruler, marks it and proclaims 'That's tiny!' She then proceeded to ask if 'the balls slide in too' followed by a hand motion and a 'schlurp' sound.

Had us all in stitches.


I remember when the abstinence only crew came to our class, and presented their sphiel about how life is so much better if you wait until marriage and all that, then presented an opportunity to ask a question anonymously by dropping your question in a box. One kid asked how deep the butthole goes.


"Can you break a boner?"

- Falloutchief101


"If semen comes out at thirty miles per hour, how fast does a baby come out?"

Dear God the anonymous question box was great in my high school


Wishful thinking

Does peanut butter make your boobs grow bigger?

This was asked by one of the most popular girls in class in 5th grade...


And when teachers really just ask for trouble

In middle school sex-ed, our educator was about to go on her spiel about abstinence. A golden exchange went down a little something like this:

"We're going to talk about a certain concept today. It starts with the letter A. Who knows what we might be talking about?"

A 12 year old girl shouts across the room, "ANAL!"


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