Reese Witherspoon summed up 2020 so perfectly that dozens of other celebrities are doing the same
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Reese Witherspoon has inspired a new meme – and it’s far too relatable.

She posted a photo on her Instagram account earlier this week, of a nine picture grid starting in January of this year, with the caption #2020challenge to depict her mood through 2020.

The beginning of the year starts with photos of Reese looking excited – even optimistic, which slowly deteriorates as the year goes by. March and April are panicked, but it seems like resignation has set in by the time summer comes around.

On social media, people started posting their own versions of the 2020 challenge.

Other celebrities joined in, like Kerry Washington and Mindy Kaling. Some people shared a version similar to Reese’s – with a sense of resignation by the summer time. Some other celebrities seemed to think that it’ll only get worse.

Mark Ruffalo shared one too, fully transformed into the Hulk.

Even animals got in on the meme too.

What happens after September? Perhaps that’s the next challenge….

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