'Regrexiters' might be a myth, according to this poll

Picture: Rob Stothard/Getty Images
Picture: Rob Stothard/Getty Images

After talk of second referendums, the Daily Mail being misleading, financial fallout and several leaders resigning, it seems the whole country would still vote more or less as it did on June 23.

The UK remains as divided as when it went to the ballot box over the EU referendum, say our friends at Ipsos Mori.

They chatted to 1,077 adults, between the ages of 18 and 75, in the UK. Apparently this does give a good representation of the whole country, even though probably no one reading was asked.

So, drumroll, nearly 90 per cent of Leave voters say the outcome of the referendum was the right decision, while the exact same number of Remainers say it was the wrong one.

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Good old British refusal to back down.

When it came to leave voters, only 79 per cent of Leave voters are sure they wouldn't change their minds if asked to vote again.

So we're not quite sure who the 10 per cent are that feel Leave was the right decision but still want to vote the opposite...

Anyway. On the Remain side, about 85 per cent say they wouldn't change their minds.

Still, there's not much in it.

In short, it means that 92 per cent would vote the same way, with three per cent being "don't know"s and four per cent would change their vote.

So the "Regrexit" idea might have been somewhat overstated.

The same number of Leave voters also feel "more hopeful" about the future now as Remainers who feel destitute (our word). About 80 per cent in each camp.

So all this means that Leave voters are apparently feeling great right now - more so than we thought.

With corporation taxes to fall, and personal taxes to be raised, their joy is commendable.

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