David Carr, the popular New York Times media columnist, died suddenly at the paper’s newsroom on Tuesday evening.

He was 58. A caustic, charismatic commentator, Carr became the unexpected star of Page One, a 2011 documentary about the Times. As well as writing the weekly “Media Equation” column, he was also the author of a 2008 memoir, Night of the Gun, in which he reported his own struggle with crack cocaine addiction, and his subsequent recovery.

This clip from a 2011 documentary shows Carr interviewing the three founders of Vice - and after they implied that Vice's coverage of Liberia was better than the New York Times's, he retorts:

Before you ever went there, we've had reporters there reporting on genocide after genocide. Just because you put on a f**kin' safari helmet and looked at some poop doesn't give you the right to insult what we do.

Warning: this contains language some may find offensive

He is survived by his wife Jill, their daughter Maddie and two other twin daughters, Erin and Meagan.

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