Reporter caught on collapsing bridge in terrifying live TV coverage

An astonishing clip of a bridge collapsing during a live news report has gone viral.

In the clip, a reporter from FOX 46 News is seen reporting on the floods in Alexander County, North Carolina.

The reporter, Amber Roberst, says:

This bridge is literally sinking. Take a look at the ground. You can see it caving in.

Then, in a dramatic moment, the bridge actually breaks apart.

Roberts shouts:

This is incredibly scary! We’re backing up. We’re backing up.

The clip then jumps to an interview with Roberts after the incident.

She was asked what was going through her head when it happened.

She responded:

It was definitely a scary situation for me and my photojournalists. We just had to be calm in the moment, to step back and hope for the best.

Roberts continued: “Thankfully, we are OK. But what is far from OK is this road.”

People were quick to congratulate Roberts on keeping her composure.

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