Lots of TV reporters have hilarious stories to tell about wild weather ruining their carefully prepared pieces-to-camera but few are quite as, erm, electrifying as this one.

Yes, we hear you. We’ve all seen clips of news anchors wrestling with the wind or struggling to speak through torrential downpours

Need we remind you of this recent treat?

How about this guy?

Well we’re about to blow both of those clips out of the water.

FOX 10 Phoenix reporter Matt Rodewald was preparing to go live to cover the monsoon storm that struck Arizona city earlier this week when a bolt of lightening struck nearby.

The strike was so powerful that it knocked out power in the immediate area leaving some 14,000 homes without power.

Rodewald himself, thankfully, emerged safe and sound after his close call with electricity. Commendably, he even returned to the same spot later on, amid heavy torrential rain, to complete his report.

Now that’s what we call a professional.

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