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A pollster for the Republican party has tried to blame a broken elevator in Austria on socialism. Yes, that's a thing that actually happened.

On Thursday, Frank Luntz, who has ties to White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, kicked off on Twitter after a lift in the Hotel Imperium in Vienna had been out of commission for three days.

Rather than a technical fault deeming the lift to be out of order, Luntz said that 'European-style socialism' was to blame and that it needs to stay away from America.

Perhaps he had an aversion to using the stair or just believed that the political mindset of socialism had prevented this lift from working but either way it was a ridiculous thing to say and Twitter was more than happy to let him know.

Luntz also managed to own himself with this statement after it was pointed out to him that the hotel he was in was part of the Marriott chain, which to some is a prime example of capitalism, as are the many Trump hotels around the world.

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