Meanwhile in Iowa, Republican hecklers say (and do) the strangest things

Ted Cruz held his last pre-caucus rally in Iowa this morning, which was bizarrely derailed by a heckler who apparently did not know their audience.

The Washington Examiner reported the man interrupted Cruz’s welcome into the venue by shouting:

I don’t feel so good.

Ted Cruz looks so weird!

The man then pretended to vomit into a nearby bin, before being escorted out by security.

A video tweeted by the AP's Scott Bauer shows the beginning of the awkward exchange, below:

While the bemused crowd looked on as the vomitous actor was lead out of the hall, Cruz responded:

I guess the bars let out early, is that Donald Trump yelling in the back?

In short, noone came out of the scenario looking stellar.

(H/T Gawker)

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