Republican says she'd shoot her own grandchildren to keep them safe

Republican Debbie Lesko caused quite the stir this week after saying she would shoot her own grandchildren during a speech to oppose a gun safety bill.

On Tuesday (5 July), Lesko spoke out against H.R. 2377, which would allow authorities to take guns from people who are deemed to be threats to themselves and others.

“I have five grandchildren. I would do anything—anything—to protect my five grandchildren," Lesko started her speech, adding: "Including, as a last resort, shooting them, if I had to, to protect the lives of my grandchildren."

She went on to criticise Democrats for attempting to "take away my right to protect my grandchildren" and "the rights of law-abiding citizens to protect their own children".

The clip of the congresswoman's speech went viral across Twitter, leaving people incredibly baffled.

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"I don’t like this reality," one user tweeted, while another said: "I have to imagine that this was just a case of really bad grammar. But she really did suggest that she would shoot her own grandchildren."

A third humoured: "Hey...Mom...I don't think I wanna go to grandma's anymore..."

The Republican later responded to the backlash, calling it "absolutely ridiculous" that people would think she would harm her grandchildren.

Lesko, who has a history of anti-vaccine rhetorics and inflammatory statements, took to Twitter and said: "It never ceases to amaze me the lengths gun control zealots will go!"

"They turned my speech about protecting Second Amendment rights and my right to protect my grandchildren from violent criminals into a claim I would harm my own grandchildren. Absolutely ridiculous!"

Once again, Twitter users were on standby and reignited the debate.

"You said you would shoot them. No one twisted anything," one user responded, while another echoed: "They are the words from your own mouth."

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