Republican Congressman under fire for claiming Biden’s inauguration is ‘a conspiracy to dismantle America’

Capitol Prepares For Presidential Inauguration

With the stage being set for Joe Biden’s inauguration less than a month away, a Democratic Party presidency is hot on the heels of the cynics that have long doubted the election’s validity.

Trump loyalists are now finding themselves in hot water - and desperation tactics are not above those that sit in the House, it seems

Congressman Clay Higgins has claimed via Twitter that the inauguration will “mark the final hour of conspiracy to dismantle the American election process, and the first hour of conspiracy to dismantle America.”

It goes without saying that there is zero evidence to support this, with accusations of voter fraud derailed left right and center. 

As the reality of a Biden presidency hits for many Republicans desperation at the top seems to grow, with the willful spread of lies and misinformation coming from Trump and his allies.

As a member of the Homeland Security Committee, it’d be blindly optimistic to think he should know better than to rile a large audience of disillusioned supporters in this way.

It’s an alarming statement to make and certainly one of the most outlandish of any sitting representatives - the tweet has since gone virual with over 50,000 people agreeing with him in some capacity.

The Louisiana representative is also a reserve law enforcement officer there, holds some views that are standard Trump-ist fodder. He once compared granting women abortion rights to the Holocaust and has been criticised for filming in Auchwitz to prove “why (America’s) military must be invincible”.

All very pleasant stuff.

The tweet has lead to a number of figures in politics and media to speak out against Mr. Higgin’s intentions.

Fred Wellman, Senior Adviser to Project Lincoln, said he was “treading dangerously close to sedition and incitement of violence”:

Sedition – simply put – incitement of disorder against the government can even carry a jail term in the US. Actress Patricia Arquette also accused the politician of the same thing.

It’s an emotional time for many Americans that have sought to see the end of Trump’s chaos, palpable in the responses from further figures across the US.

Americans across the entire political spectrum should not expect to see more of the same from their elected representatives, but who can say at this point?

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