Republican treasurer candidate says she hopes that her opponent's fiance 'keeps the baby' if she 'gets raped'


The Republican candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer has apologised after she posted a comment on Facebook about her opponent's fiance.

Jill Millies, who is from Big Bend, Wisconsin wrote on social media that she hopes that Travis Hartwig's partner kept the baby if she 'gets raped.'

The comment has since been deleted but Hartwig managed to get a screenshot, which he then shared on his own Facebook page, labelling it "the absolute gutter of politics."

In response, Millies apologised for her comment and explained that she made the comments after she was dragged into a debate about abortion.

In her Facebook post, she cited a recent survey by iVoter Guide, that indicates that Hartwig stood against abortion without exception.

She also added that she supports abortions in the case of rape or when the woman's mental or physical health is in danger.

When speaking to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she claimed that she made the comments in a moment of frustration and wanted to point out the problems of opposing abortions.

She said:

Push come to shove, this is my first time in politics and I'm just sick and tired of Travis and his little minions coming onto my Facebook page and bashing the hell out of me all the time.

I guess I just blew it after a while. I don’t wish rape upon any woman — that is the worst thing.

But when he posted on the (survey) that he said he wouldn’t do anything about it. I was like, really Travis, you wouldn’t do anything?

In his Facebook post, Travis accused her of turning to "personal threatening attacks" and that "we will not stand for this behaviour."

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