This tweet has parodied Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris accord perfectly


Carter Wilkerson, from Nevada, USA , recently became a world record-holder for the most retweeted tweet after asking Wendy's for a year's free supply of chicken nuggets.

It beat Ellen's "Oscar selfie".

He didn't get the 18 million retweets that were initially required, but got the chicken anyway.

Now, Larry Matovina has parodied it, trying to get 18 million retweets to get Donald Trump to join the Paris climate deal.

In case it's not obvious, Trump didn't actually reply to Larry's tweet - it's a doctored image, but that hasn't stopped more than 300,000 people retweeting it anyway.

Trump withdrew for the Paris climate deal agreement last week, making the US one of only three countries in the world that aren't in the accord (the others being Nicaragua and Syria).

As some have pointed out, this might actually be a good way to get Trump's attention to make him consider rejoin the accord, given his love of controversy on Twitter.

The Paris Agreement was signed last year by almost every country in the world, it was the first of it's kind to unite the world's nations in a single agreement to tackle climate change.

Signatories vowed to keep global temperature increases "well below" two degrees Celsius, and limit global greenhouse gas emissions.

indy100 has contacted Larry for comment.

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