Right wing commentators blamed Muslims on the Dortmund bus attack. They're pretty quiet now

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When the news first broke that a bus carrying the Dortmund football team had been targeted by three bombs, commentators online were quick to jump to conclusions.

Many blamed Angela Merkel for her open-door policies towards refugees.

In response to the news, Nigel Farage allegedly wrote in a now-deleted tweet: “I am sorry to say we will see this again in Europe”.

But as it turns out, the perpetrator had nothing to do with ISIS, or indeed, Islam.

The attack happened on April 11, as the German team was heading to the Champions League quarter-final first leg match at home against Monaco. The game was postponed to the next day after two people were injured in three explosions.

Today, a 28-year-old man with German-Russian nationality was charged with attempted murder, setting off explosions and causing serious physical injury.

The man, named only as Sergej W, is suspected of carrying out the attack to make money: according to prosecutors, he was a market trader who hoped to profit if the team's share prices dropped.

Police initially suspected terrorism, as letters were found near the site indicating links to ISIS. It is now believed Sergej W forged these letters to frame Islamic extremism for the attack.

Unsurprisingly, far-right commentators have been rather quiet about this turn of events.

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