Rihanna has revealed she's been living in London and fans are shocked

Rihanna fans were shocked to find out this weekend that the singer has been inconspicuously living in London.

In an interview with The New York Times T Magazine, Rihanna was asked what her favourite thing about living in London was, to which she replied: "walking around the block".

British fans were amazed that no one had picked up on this fact.

Many tried to use the few clues she dropped to work out where exactly she lives.

Just last week the singer posted an Instagram story in which a Sainsbury's bag was clearly visible in the background, leading many to hail her as a "normal" celebrity.

Now people are pointing to it as a sign that she was based in the UK.

Earlier this month it was announced that Rihanna's make-up brand Fenty Beauty would be available in Boots. In her tweet, she said she "loved" the retailer.

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