Rishi Sunak just infuriated the nation by saying we should all be “grateful” for Boris Johnson’s leadership.

Sky News’ Niall Paterson asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer about rumours he’s vying for the Tory Party’s leadership:

You did say yesterday that you would definitely not be running for the leadership. I'm just wondering, given the number of u-turns this Government has performed, whether we can trust you entirely on that?

Laughing it off, Sunak responded:

As I said yesterday, I think the job I have is hard enough. I see up close what the PM has to deal with every day. It’s not an envious task [and] I think he does it admirably well. These are very difficult times.

Heaping even more praise on the PM, Sunak then claimed we should all be very “grateful” for Johnson’s leadership:

I’m grateful that we have his leadership [and] I think the country should be very grateful for that as well.

Sunak went on to explain that “hundreds of thousands” of people are losing their jobs “as we speak” and there’s “plenty” for him to be focussing on.

Predictably, people weren’t too happy about being told to be “grateful” for Boris Johnson’s leadership.

This is especially after he’s done so many U-turns in recent months, like the A-level results scandal, the NHS contact tracing app, free school meals row or face masks in schools.

And people weren’t afraid to respond to Sunak with just how “grateful” they were:

Less than 24 hours ago, the government faced ridicule after it was reported there was a “spreadsheet glitch” causing huge errors in testing figures.

Following reports of the error, Baroness Dido Harding has faced calls to resign from her position as head of track and trace.

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