Rishi Sunak's budget briefcase just changed colour on live television and no one can work out how


You’ve heard of “the dress”. You’ve heard of “Yanny vs Laurel”.

But now we give you: Rishi Sunak’s magic folder.

Confused? Let us explain…

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has had a little over a month to prepare for his first budget, which isn’t ideal at the best of times, but now the coronavirus crisis is threatening to upend Britain’s already quite shaky economy.

So just days after being embroiled in an internet controversy about drinking Yorkshire Tea (which spawned days of truly horrific discourse) the Chancellor has found himself in yet another controversy.

This time, people can’t work out why his briefcase has changed colour from red to green.

Seriously, watch for yourself:

Walking out of Downing Street and past a car, Sunak’s folder appears to change colour from the classic minister rouge to bright green in a matter of seconds on the Sky News broadcast.

Here's the shots to compare:

The internet is, to put it mildly, completely perplexed.

There’s been numerous theories for how this can have happened.

But thankfully Sky News staff cleared this one up, saying that the colour was edited to fit with their script, which talked about the possibility of the budget being "green".

Mystery solved... For now.

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