Rishi Sunak misjudged the public mood by making a joke about Nandos and it backfired massively

Pool/ Reuters/TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

Rishi Sunak has said that Nando's re-opening some of their restaurants is the "good news we've all been waiting for", and absolutely no-one agrees.

Whilst some might be excited by the news that Nando's is reopening many of their restaurants for takeaway and delivery, it's not exactly at the top anyone's current priorities.

The chancellor's attempt at being relatable was met with an immediate backlash.

People had questions about Sunak's priorities.

This isn't the good news we're hoping to hear from politicians right now.

His tweet is being called "patronising" and "offensive".

Of course, many people also saw the tweet as an attempt an to distract from Cummings-gate.

There were also plenty of jokes about "chickens".

People also criticised Sunak's attempt at "working class relatability".

But most of the backlash related to how the government has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

The UK has the second-highest number of recorded coronavirus deaths in the world. People are not simply angry with the government because the prime minister's senior advisor broke lockdown rules, or because they refused to take action against him. The government's failure to adequately protect us throughout this pandemic is generating palpable anger and could be the subject of a future inquiry.

No attempt at distraction, about Nando's or otherwise, is likely to change that.

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