Robert Mugabe has had a haircut, and people are talking

Robert Mugabe has had a haircut, and people are talking

The President (for ever basically) of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has a new hair cut, and people are quite intrigued.

He's gone for the shiny buffed skin-head look.

The leader has been in power since 1987, and is now 93 years old.

Some have suggested the new hair do has taken 20 years off.

Since that time hyperinflation has decimated the country, and the government has regularly locked up its opponents.

According to Human Rights' Watch review of the country in 2016.

The government of President Robert Mugabe continues to violate human rights without regard to protections in the country’s 2013 constitution. It has intensified repression against thousands of people who peacefully protest human rights violations and the deteriorating economic situation. Police use excessive force to crush dissent, and violate the basic rights of civil society activists, human rights defenders, journalists, and government opponents.

Still, the new look shows you there are other ways to fight off bad press that don't include firing missiles.


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