Trump confidant Roger Stone accidentally shares a meme of US president wearing a swastika

Kevin Lamarque/ Reuters/ Twitter

Long-time confidant of Donald Trump and former adviser Roger Stone has shared a meme of the President wearing a swastika.

The image, which was shared on Stone's Instagram account, featured himself and several other members of the Trump administration wearing astronaut outfits, a clear nod to their plans to introduce a new branch of the US military, the 'Space Force.'

The 65-year-old obviously didn't check the image very thoroughly, as there was a red swastika on their outfits instead of the Nasa logo. The image is also said to feature the phrase "in space no one can hear you lie."

Although Stone has since deleted the image, which was reportedly made on anti-Trump forums on Reddit and 4Chan, it was captured by many journalists and media outlets.

It's unclear if Stone was aware of the presence of the swastika but in the caption for the post he wrote:

I love this - proud to be in this crew - but only lies being told are by liberal scumbags #maga #republican #infowars

When questioned by The Washington PostStone claimed that he hadn't noticed the swastika in the image and posted it after being sent it by a critic of the administration.

He said:

I love that I was be[ing] mocked by the left — it’s a badge of honor.

The image was sent to me by a hater.

Stone then followed this up with another Instagram post, which simply said "sorry".

The caption for this post also featured a few pointed comments aimed at Trump's opponents.

Last night I posted an image attacking me and other supporters of the President that was sent to me by a hater. I did so to mock them.

I did not notice the image had a swastika in the corner.

When It was brought to my attention I deleted it - so u libtards who are frothing at the mouth can stop sending insulting comments will only get u blocked #maga​

These posts come after several members of Stone's team have been called to testify to a grand jury in Robert Muller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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