Tory leadership candidate Rory Stewart might not be everyone's cup of tea but there is no denying that he is doing things a little differently and it is oddly entertaining.

Part of the MP's social media strategy is something called 'Rory Walks' where he literally walks around parts of London and interacts with members of the public.

His latest jaunt around the capital sees him meet three young men on Brick Lane, who would appear to live in the area but are all originally from Dublin, Ireland.

In a relaxed manner, Stewart attempts to spark a conversation with them but one man asks what the video is for, which Stewart politely explains.

I'm filming something. I'm a politician and I'm running for prime minister, so I want to see what people are up to.

The men aren't totally aghast at this revelation but one does say:

I don't f*** with politics, man.

They all then say goodbye to each other, with a fist bump or two and declare that they are off to Nando's.

To be honest, this could have gone a whole lot worse and at least Stewart saw some humour in the situation writing in the tweet caption 'You can't win 'em all...'

Responses to this otherwise hilarious and candid video have included a selection of jokes and bemusement.

Credit where credit is due. Most MPs wouldn't dare put something like this on their social media channels so at least he's being honest.

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