The one question everyone wants answered about the Royal Wedding

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The big news today is that Prince Harry is to marry his girlfriend, the actress Meghan Markle. Hooray!

Rumours have been circulating for the past few days that an announcement was to be made.

It was done so this morning at 10am, and now everyone cannot wait for another Royal Wedding.

Immediate questions like "who will design the dress?" and "where will the wedding take place?" will start doing the rounds in the next few hours and in coming days.

However, the country only wants to know the answer to one question:

Will we get an extra bank holiday?

It's basically the only thing people are talking about on Twitter.

Cast your mind back to the wedding of William and Kate, which treated everyone to an extra day-off from work, which the entire nation thanked them for.

Given that Harry is only fifth in line to the throne there seems some confusion as to whether Harry and Meghan's wedding will get the same treatment.

According to the Metro, Harry is likely too far down the pecking order to give the nation the day off.

Doing so for their wedding would break with Royal tradition.

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Reportedly, the only way around this is if the government would be willing to give us a day off.

With Brexit fast approaching, a drop in productivity may not be seen as beneficial to the country.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that Meghan has previously been married and is now divorced from Trevor Engelson.

With this is mind, her and Harry might opt for a more low-key ceremony similar to the one that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles had in 2005.

So, as it stands, no bank holiday is likely.

But at least two people who are in love are happy to be engaged, which is all that matters right?

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