Man rides hundreds of miles on penny farthing for RSPCA
Man rides hundreds of miles on penny farthing for RSPCA

A man has ridden 205 miles on a penny farthing to raise money for animal welfare charity RSPCA

Bruce Walsh, who rode alongside five others dubbed ‘Team Animal’, cycled 205 miles in one day from the east coast of southern England to the west coast.

Mr Walsh, the only participant to carry out the challenge on a penny farthing, said: “If we learn how to look after animals, it will be a big step towards looking after the world around us.

“If riding a penny farthing draws attention to that, it was worth every hill!”

He completed the challenge alongside Issy Pritchard, Tracey Pritchard, Gary Payne, Hamish Pringle and Christopher Musgrave-Brown on Saturday June 19.


RSPCA worker Tracey Pritchard, who signed herself, her partner Mr Walsh, and her daughter Issy up to the challenge, said: “The RSPCA is a charity which is close to my heart and I now have the pleasure of working for the RSPCA too!

“I wanted to take on this challenge to raise some much needed funds for the RSPCA.

“The RSPCA deals with some of the worst cases of neglect and cruelty and relies on generous supporters to continue to rescue animals who need us the most so I know just how important fundraising events like these are.”

The team has now raised £985, up from its original target of £500.

To see donations to the RSPCA, visit the team’s JustGiving page.

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