Rudy Giuliani roasted after launching his own brand of coffee: "Oh he's broke broke"

Rudy Giuliani roasted after launching his own brand of coffee: "Oh he's broke broke"
What's next for Rudy Giuliani?
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Donald Trump’s controversial former lawyer Rudy Giuliani is launching a range of coffee beans following bankruptcy and legal issues.

The former New York City mayor has rarely found himself far from hot water, after recently comparing the trial against Donald Trump and him to Nazi Germany and claiming that “communist states are getting earthquakes”.

In December, he filed for bankruptcy after being ordered to pay $148 million for falsely accusing two poll workers of corruption in the 2020 election.

But, it seems he’s now come up with a new way to try and make money – by flogging coffee beans.

The brand is called Rudy Coffee and one of the bags features a picture of him on the front holding a mug, while surrounded by the stars and stripes of the American flag. Text below the image claims he is “America’s Mayor”.

In a promotional video for the brand, Giuliani said, “If I put my name on something, I truly believe in it”.

The coffee comes in three varieties – Bold, Decaf and Morning – and is said to be made from 100 per cent Arabica beans.

On the “bold” bag of coffee, the slogan reads, “Fighting for Justice”. Meanwhile, in the video, Giuliani said, “Believe me when I say it’s the best coffee you’ll ever try”.

News of the coffee brand sparked a host of commentary on social media.

“Oh he’s broke broke,” one person said on X/Twitter.

Another argued: “The only thing that distinguishes this from an SNL skit is the poor production value.”

Someone else wrote: “Laughing my a** off thinking about some boomer ordering this busted a** coffee.”

“Did Borat put him up to this???” another asked.

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