Rush Limbaugh complains that people 'feel sorry' for Biden because of personal tragedies
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Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk show host, recently said on his talk show that Joe Biden garners sympathy because of the tragic death of his family.

Limbaugh is a prominent Conservative commentator – and has been on the airwaves for years. He was a prominent critic of Obama during his presidency, and supported Trump during his presidential run in 2016. He’s also been a severe critic of Biden – every time Biden makes a public appearance or speech, Limbaugh usually has something to say about it.

This week, Limbaugh was criticising Biden’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, where Biden accepted the nomination to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for President. Biden gave a speech – as did his wife and other prominent figures, like Michelle Obama and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But Limbaugh still had plenty to say.

He said:

The only reason last night is being held up as some kind of greatness, is because Joe Biden didn’t screw up. It’s because Joe Biden was able to read the prompter, not lose his place, not lose his timing.

Limbaugh then said that the former vice president only garners sympathy because of the fact that his wife, daughter and son died. Biden’s first wife, Neilia Hunter, passed away in 1972, along with his daughter Naomi in a car crash. In 2015, Beau Biden passed away as a result of a brain tumour. Biden has spoken publicly about how these events influenced his life – and how they shaped him politically.

Limbaugh said:

See, Biden is a sympathetic figure. We’re supposed to feel sorry for Biden. Do you know why? Because his wife died in car accident, and then his beloved son Beau Biden died from brain cancer. We’re supposed to feel sorry.

Limbaugh then went onto say that expressing sympathy for Trump isn’t possible and that people were told not to do so.

“We can’t feel sorry for President Trump, whose brother just died. His brother Robert — who happened to be his best friend. 'No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.” We can’t feel sorry for Trump.Trump deserves to be miserable. As much pain and suffering as he’s causing people, Trump deserves it.'”

This is despite the fact that many politicians and prominent figures from across the political spectrum expressed their condolences for Trump online last week.

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