The number of air strikes by Russian and Coalition forces in Syria that have killed at least one civilian
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Jeremy Corbyn's spokesperson is reported to have said that protesting about the Assad regime and Russia's actions in Syria dectracts attention from atrocities committed by the US,

On Wednesday Guardian journalist Heather Stewart tweeted:

Brendan Cox, husband of the murdered Labour MP Jo Cox criticised the spokesperson, as did many others who found the sentiments distasteful:

Criticism of Russia’s involvement in Aleppo intensified this week. Foreign secretary Boris Johnson called on people to protest outside the Russian embassy following reports of pro- Assad forces and Russian warplanes levelling the M10 hospital, leaving a ‘bloodbath’ in its wake.

The house will know that deliberately attacking a hospital amounts to a war crime. It is time I think, for all of these incidents to be properly and fully investigated with a view to assembling the necessary evidence to ensure that justice is done.

I would like to see demonstrations outside the Russian embassy – where is the ‘Stop the War’ coalition?

Monitoring group Airwars has been collecting air strike data since August 2014. Using information released from the US-led Coalition, as well as individual member nations, it has been able to comprehensively catalogue the number of air strikes that have killed at least one civilian - in many cases the death tolls are markedly higher.

Statista collated the data and in the graph below, which compares the approximate number of air strikes by Russia in Syria alone, versus Coalition air strikes in Syria and Iraq.

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