Russian teacher fired for posting pictures of herself in a swimsuit to Instagram

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A Russian teacher has been reportedly sacked after she posted images of herself posing in a swimsuit to Instagram.

Russian social media has rallied in support of Viktoria Popova, 26, who was sacked by School Number 7 for 'bringing her school and profession into disrepute', reported the Siberian Times.

Ms Popova was sacked by her school after angry parents protested after seeing the images of the teacher in the modest 50s-style swimsuit.

Speaking about the images, Omsk City Hall said that they had caused 'irreversible damage to the reputation of the teacher'. They continued:

By spreading frivolous images on the internet in order to promote a commercial project she also hurt the image of the school.

Since the sacking, more than 3,000 people have shared photographs of themselves wearing swimsuits, with the hashtag 'teachers are people too' in Russian, to show their solidarity, according to the BBC.

One Instagram user called the sacking 'outrageous', while another said it was 'absolutely mad'. A third asked 'when will this insanity stop in my country?'.

According to the BBC, others, however, were supportive of the school's move to remove the teacher from the workforce.

One said that 'it's just an excuse to show yourself in a bathing suit', while another lashed back at the teacher, saying:

This is not the norm. Teachers are humans too, but these humans are educators.

Yes, there is a private sphere of life. Private! How would you like teachers drinking behind schools, smoking pot and hitting on high-schoolers? Why not? They are humans too.

Since the images were posted, the Omsk Region government has announced that Viktoria can return to her job.

However, she may be considering a change in career. Russian modelling agency Plus Size Omsk have reached out to her, asking her to join their ranks as a professional plus size model.

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