How newspaper front pages have covered Russia's invasion of Ukraine so far

How newspaper front pages have covered Russia's invasion of Ukraine so far
Ukraine’s Zelenskyy tells EU: ‘Prove you are with us’

It has been a week since Russia first invaded Ukraine.

In those seven days, Putin has escalated threats and put his nuclear weapons on alert, while the west has responded with an ever-growing package of economic and cultural sanctions against Russia.

Meanwhile, the war has displaced thousands of Ukrainian refugees, triggering debates in the west about how best to help them,while on the ground footage has showed the bravery and defiance of Ukrainian citizens trying to save their country.

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As the conflict enters its second week, here's how the media has covered the crisis so far.

23 February

As concerns about Russia invading Ukraine increased, politicians throughout the west pledged to impose sanctions on Putin's Russia. The media reflected that.

24 February

We now know that Putin moved troops into Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday morning and warned the west not to respond. As the papers went to print the night before, they still reflected increased anxiety about the situation, as well as covering other stories like changes to student finance and tax.

24 February

But as news of Putin's invasion reached the west, the front pages all showed the war beginning with the Daily Star likening Putin to Hitler and the Daily Record expressing solidarity with Ukraine.

26 February

As Russia advanced on Kyiv, Ukraine acted defiantly and refused to let it fall.

27 February

As the war continued, the media looked at Ukrainian refugees as well as the bravery of Ukrainians fighting against Russia.

28 February

On Monday, the papers reacted to Putin putting his nuclear force on alert and analysed what that might mean as the war escalates.

Other papers looked at refugees fleeing the country to safety.

1 March

Yesterday, the papers highlighted the ongoing catastrophes occurring in Ukraine, including rocket strikes and the plight of civilians killed in the fighting.

2 March

Today, as Russian paratroopers attack Kyiv, the papers have focussed on people fleeing the conflict as well as the barbaric consequences of war.

Other papers have highlighted Ukrainian president Zelensky and his resolve to not give up while he calls on the west to offer more support.

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