Russian state TV says it would take just 4 missiles to 'destroy' the United States

Russian state TV says it would take just 4 missiles to 'destroy' the United States
War in Ukraine: Putin says Sarmat missile will make west "think twice"

A politician on Russian state television said it would take just four missiles to destroy the east and west coasts of the US.

In a viral video viewed more than 727,900 times on Twitter, Aleksey Zhuravlyov insisted that Russia had the military advantage to destroy the American coasts and that the US was trying to "raise the stakes."

As Zhuravlyov makes his claims in the clip, an English translation appears at the bottom of the screen.

It is, however, unclear when the video was recorded.

"I will competently tell you that to destroy the entire east coast of the US, two Sarmat missiles are necessary and two missiles for the west coast," Zhuravlyov said as fellow commentators listened on.

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He then went on to say that with the "four missiles," there would be "nothing left."

"They think the mushroom will be taller than a high rise, that mushroom will be visible from Mexico.

"Guys, you're so funny what methods are they even using[?]They're trying to raise the stakes, are we supposed to object to that?" he said.

Zhuravlyov went on to add that they "shouldn't fall" for what is being said and that the US' "calculations are off."

"What should be said is that there'll be nothing left, no one harbors any illusions about it, that everyone will be fine in case of nuclear war, no one will be fine, but calculate it correctly."

As Russia's war against Ukraine steadily approaches 100 days since its start, Russia continues to evaluate its options on offensives against the country.

Reportedly, a system created to launch one of Russia's much-boasted hypersonic missiles is expected to be ready to use by the end of the year.

Russian news agency Tass also said that a system to launch the Tsirkon missile was in development at the highly acclaimed rocket design bureau NPO Mashinostroyenia in Reutov, which is near Moscow.

In conversation with the agency, a military source said that the coastal missile system is set to enter service with the Russian navy closer to the "end of 2022."

This wouldn't be the first time people on Russian state television mentioned firing nukes at the US.

In another video uploaded to social media last month, Kremlin propagandists spoke about striking New York City with Vladimir Putin's  Sarmat Missle, or Satan 2.

One of the panelists asked: "What kind of objects can it destroy? What size of territory?"

This prompted another panelist to respond with: "Objects like the city of New York, a good city, but it would be gone."

Indy100 reached out to Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs for comment.

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