Captive medic's bodycam shows horror of Mariupol
Yuliia Paievska

Russian troops who stole a Ukrainain’s PlayStation 4 are harrassing the original owner for the password to log in to their account.

According to PlayUA, The gaming device was stolen from a citizen of Mariupol – a city that was beseigied by Russian forces and is now under the control of Putin.

But now, the thief is harassing the owner to get them to reveal the password so they can gain access to their PlayStation Network (PSN) account in order to play hidden games.

A screengrab of the messages between the alleged two parties has been posted on social media by Ostapenko from Toronto Television – Ukraine’s leading YouTube channel providing operative info on Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Translated from Ukrainian to English by Google Translate, the tweet read: “Rusny stole a ps4 from a man from Mariupol, and now he writes to the mail and asks for a password from the account.”

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According to a translation of the messages, a person using the initials BB WW wrote: “Send the PS network password.”

The Ukrainian owner replied: “No.”

BB WW replied: “I need your password to enter hidden games, I don’t need your mail.”

When the person failed to respond, BB WW wrote again: “Oi? Any answer? You dead or what?”

Like many other companies, Sony has blocked PSN in Russia, which may explain why the thief is so desperate to unlock the Ukrainian’s PlayStation account.

On Twitter, someone wrote: “A person in Russia is trying to unlock a looted PS4 and writes to its owner from Mariupol demanding that they share the password.

“This is not the first case, nor is it a rare occurrence. I also suspect many Ukrainians cannot report such stories because, well, they are dead.”

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