Ryan Reynolds and Richard Branson have done a promo together and it's the best thing you'll see today

What's not to like - Ryan Reynolds appearing in a painfully awkward advert with Richard Branson where they literally agree on nothing. Brilliant!

The Deadpool star has paired up with the equally charismatic Richard Branson to to bring Aviation American Gin to Virgin Atlantic Flights.

It has been posted to the Virgin Atlantic YouTube channel:

Speaking in the video, Reynolds says:

At Aviation we're totally focused on making the best damn gin on the planet.

In order to maximise shareholder value, we are pleased to announce Virgin Atlantic and Aviation are merging.

Branson quickly jumps in to correct him:

Actually, Ryan, this is more of a partnership announcement.

Reynolds is highly unimpressed with the claim, and says that the new launch will be called the extremely catchy:


Humm, just rolls off the tongue.

At that, Branson utters an expletive, and walks off stage.

We don't blame you, Richard.

Our favourite moment, however, has to be when Branson casually calls Reynolds 'Brian'.

Wow - such shade. Fingers crossed the 'merger' all works out for the best!

HT Mashable

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