Donald Trump's ongoing war of words with London mayor Sadiq Kahn has been nothing but a string of petty insults, mostly from the president.

Following his state visit to the UK at the start of this month, which Trump kicked off by criticising Kahn, the POTUS returned to the well by retweeting right-wing columnist Katie Hopkins and called the mayor a 'disaster' because of a series of stabbings in the capital.

Kahn's response to Trump's insults has so far been quite reserved and professional but during a teaching event in London on Saturday he tore into the president, in a very mild and obvious way.

Speaking at the Together for Education event in Westminster's Central Hall, the 48-year-old joked that he had turned his phone off before adding:

For those of you that have your phones on, if somebody starts tweeting about me - a six-foot-three child in the White House - can you let me know?

Kahn's joke reportedly prompted some laughter but it wasn't exactly the most cutting jibe that we've ever seen aimed at Trump and the joke has gone down like a lead balloon on Twitter.

HT Daily Mail

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