A 2016 pro-EU article by Sajid Javid has resurfaced online and people have a lot of questions


An article that the current chancellor Sajid Javid wrote in 2016 about Brexit has resurfaced online due to it featuring a very different take on the UK's status in the European Union.

Javid, who just a few days ago told ITV's Robert Peston that there would be no more 'dither and delay' on the Brexit deadline, was once a 'Remainer,' who warned of the economic impact of leaving the bloc.

The article which was published on his personal website in May 2016, just over a month before the EU referendum, sees Javid highlight the advantages of being in the EU and how it would give the UK a stronger stance for negotiating trade deals.

This is an actual quote from the article:

One of the advantages of EU membership is that we get to negotiate wider and deeper trade deals from a position of strength.

If we leave, the boot will be on the other foot – and that will put Britain at a serious disadvantage.

Another sees the Tory MP categorically state that he is not prepared to back a 'decade of stagnation and doubt.'

I’m not about to vote for a decade of stagnation and doubt.

The article which is remarkably still on his website (but might disappear soon given its reemergence) is being shared on social media again where people have a lot of questions for the 49-year-old now that he appears to have abandoned his once-held beliefs.

Indy100 has contacted Sajid Javid for comment.

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