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The chancellor, Sajid Javid has been resoundingly mocked on social media after he posted a tweet stating that he was travelling to 'north England.'

On the day the UK left the European Union, Boris Johnson held what was deemed to be a 'symbolic cabinet meeting' in Sunderland which was the first constituency to vote leave on that fateful night in 2016.

Javid, who was travelling by train to Sunderland along with Dominic Raab and Liz Truss, proudly declared that he was:

On way to Cabinet meeting in north England with friends.

Now we don't we wouldn't dream of accusing any politician of leaving in a Westminister bubble but come on? North England? Would it have been so hard to have just written Sunderland? At least that's a specific place?

No doubt that this could just be another wind up social media tactic from the Tories but people weren't ready to let Javid get away with such a flagrant disregard for British geography.

We'll leave you to ponder this conundrum

HT Evening Standard

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