Salt Bae’s London restaurant is being flooded with negative online reviews by unhappy diners

Salt Bae’s London restaurant is being flooded with negative online reviews by unhappy diners

Salt Bae’s much talked about London restaurant has only been open a few weeks and it has already attracted more headlines than most establishments could possibly dream of – for both good and bad reasons.

Nusr-Et Steakhouse London in Knightsbridge, which is run by the Turkish chef turn social media star Nusret Gökçe, has caused alarm due to the excessive pricing of items on the menu which include a gold leaf painted tomahawk steak priced at more than £1000.

Although the bills might be extortionate, the ambience and experience have been widely praised, however, not everyone has been impressed after visiting the venue.

A string of negative reviews have begun to pop up on Tripadvisor, which aren’t exactly complimentary. Of the seven reviews of the restaurant currently on the website, four of them give the steakhouse just one star.

One reviewer, who called it ‘Overpriced TikTok food’, wrote: “We’ve had far better steaks at all the other top steak houses in London and for a fraction of the price. You pretty much pay so you can show off on Instagram or TikTok. So glad I didn’t foot the bill. My director was absolutely appalled at the prices and said he would never step foot in a Nusr-et ever again.”

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Another referred to it as a ‘kebab shop’ adding: “I thought this was a joke….unfortunately, it’s not! Inferior food….and massively overhyped prices! The steaks were barely edible, and the prices bring water to the eyes…I’ve had better kebabs in Knightsbridge for under £7.00! The whole experience was shocking!”

One lengthy review slated the restaurant for making the customers sit outside after they couldn’t find their table and claimed the food arrived cold.

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Over on Square Meal, reviews are slightly more favourable for Salt Bae but there are a few negatives takes. One called it a ‘rip off’ and another said that “Harvester does a better burger and that no lie.”

Oh, dear. Perhaps they’d prefer Salt Bae’s considerably cheaper fast-food restaurant in New York City instead?

indy100 has contacted Nusr-Et Steakhouse London for comment.

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