Nearly a third of people think Santa should be female or gender neutral, survey finds


Santa has been characterised as an older man with a long white beard for decades.

But a new poll has found that some feel that Santa should be rebranded as a woman or gender neutral.

After years of this image, logo design company GraphicSprings surveyed hundreds to rebrand Santa and give him a more modern look. The survey asked approximately 400 people from the United States and United Kingdom for their views.

The ideal “Modern Santa” has tattoos, a more trimmed beard, skinny jeans, sneakers and a hoverboard instead of a sleigh. Think of him as more of a “metrosexual”. The survey also found that more than 27 per cent of people asked would rebrand Santa Claus as a woman or gender-neutral.

Nearly 11 per cent of respondents said Santa should be female, with 17 per cent saying he should be gender neutral. Though a majority of 72 per cent believe Santa should be classified as a male.

H/T: Pittsburgh CBS Local

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