This comedian has spent months roasting Trump on TikTok – is she the reason he's trying to ban it?
Sarah Cooper/Twitter/TikTok

Sarah Cooper – a comedian who lip syncs to Trump’s speeches on TikTok – has gone massively viral over the last couple of months.

Some other users of the platform are now suggesting that Cooper may be the reason that TikTok could be banned by Trump, as he’s been threatening to do for the last week or so.

Trump told a group of reporters who were travelling with him on Air Force One that he was considering shutting down the app by executive order.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that the US government is considering doing the same to other apps too, citing security concerns.

Some TikTok users asked whether there might not be other reasons too.

Cooper has been profiled and lauded by various magazines and news outlets for her spot-on imitation of Trump’s mannerisms and her uncanny ability to lip sync along to various Trump speeches which had been going viral.

People think they've connected the dots – especially after Cooper posted a very meta video where she lip-synced to his announcement that he would be looking into banning TikTok.

There have been several incidents, such as the suspicions that teens on TikTok inflated turnout numbers for a Trump rally, and the fact that many people on the platform openly make fun of Trump, which people think have led up to this.

From regulators, there has been growing concern about the links between Tiktok, which is owned by Bytedance, a Chinese corporation, and the Chinese government, although whether these are well founded is still a matter of debate.

But it would be unsurprising if the reason that Trump wanted to ban TikTok was because of his thin skin.

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