The press and the Trump administration are two sets of people that just do not get along whatsoever.

In fact, the Trump administration has significantly lowered the amount of time that press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spends with the press.

Sanders is yet to spend any time with the press in November and her last briefing, on October 29, was just 23 minutes.

This is significantly lower than the Obama and Bush teams, which would often spend an entire hour briefing the press and fielding questions.

Therefore, it probably isn't surprising to learn that one of the turkeys Donald Trump pardoned, as part of the official White House tradition, actually ended up spending more time with the press than the press secretary in November.

This was confirmed in a tweet by ABC News reporter Alex Mallin.

Mallin's tweet soon went viral and there were a lot of jokes, mostly at Sanders' expense.

It has not been revealed which turkey visited the press room, but Trump did pardon two birds named Carrots and Peas respectively, the latter of which was complimented by Trump who said: "I've never seen such a beautiful turkey."

Whether either bird will be taking up a role in Trump's administration remains to be seen, but at least they have proven to be far more friendly to the press than the rest of the team.

HT Quartz

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