If you're looking for the perfect way to sum up the public perception of Theresa May and Brexit, then look no further than this hilarious Saturday Night Live clip.

Instead of satirising the Trump administration, this time the cast of SNL took aim at British politics, opening with a clip of the embattled British prime minister just after she suffered a no confidence vote over the deal she's garnered for Brexit.

After dancing awkwardly with some policemen, May, played by Kate McKinnon, welcomes David Cameron to the sofa, played by Matt Damon, and then Elton John.

Finally, for the pièce de résistance, May calls her final guest, Lord Voldermort.

The two then get into conversation. Speaking to 'he who must not be named', May says:

I feel like we just 'get' each other, you know?

To which he responds:

Oh, I'm sorry, if you could maybe not lump us together? I just can't have that as the pull quote from this interview.

May then apologises:

Oh, I'm sorry, I certainly wouldn't want to bring Lord Voldermort any bad PR.

Ouch, well, that pretty much sums up Brexit.

People on social media thought it was hilarious:

Others thought that people in the US might not quite get all the jokes...

While some pointed out that this is how the UK currently appears to the rest of the world

Watch the entire hilarious clip here:

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