Schoolboy, 13, saves school bus after driver passed out

Schoolboy, 13, saves school bus after driver passed out
Boy, 13, stops runaway school bus when driver passes out in Michigan

A 13-year-old schoolboy from Michigan has been hailed a "hero" for saving his classmates after their driver passed out.

CCTV footage showed the driver fanning herself with a baseball cap before telling the transportation office she needs to pull over.

That was when Dillon Reeves took charge of the steering wheel and hit the brakes after realising she was having a medical emergency.

"Someone call 911 now," Dylan yelled to the bus of children, as he regained control of the bus. He later told CBS: "I just knew what to do at that moment. The bus was swerving off the road."

"We've got a little hero," Dylan's father told the outlet. "My son does not have a cell phone, and what else are you going to do when you don't have a phone?

"You're going to look at people, you're going to notice stuff, you're going to look out of the window.

"It's a very powerful lesson... maybe even a change-the-world type of lesson."

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One student told the outlet, "I had my AirPods in," before a second chimed in: "I was looking on my phone."

A third added: "I was on my phone playing a little game."

Robert Livernois, superintendent of Warren Consolidated Schools, said: "In my 35-plus years of education, this was an extraordinary act of courage and maturity on his part."

"I don't know that it could have gone any better," Livernois added.

"When you have an anchor like Dillon taking care of business on the bus, it really and truly was a good day for us."

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