Schoolgirl dresses up as different character each day to raise money for charity

Pearl dresses up for charity
Pearl dresses up for charity
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An eight-year-old girl has set herself the challenge of dressing up as a different character each day to raise money for charity.

Pearl Parkin has recreated the looks of Billie Eilish, David BowieFrida KahloLady Gaga and even Jackie Weaver of Handforth Parish Council fame.

Each outfit is created with materials found around her home in Bath, Somerset, with the help of her 10-year-old brother, Elliot.

Pearl dresses up for charity

Pearl started the challenge to keep herself entertained during the coronavirus lockdown and has vowed to continue each day until her school reopens.

She has raised more than £700 for Save the Children since starting the challenge 23 days ago and is aiming to reach £1,000 in time for her return to the classroom on March 8.

“I want to raise money for children around the world who might need help right now because of Covid, or other reasons,” she said.

“I find it really upsetting that some children, like refugees, don’t have the same as me.

“I decided to dress up each day because I love making costumes with my family.

Pearl dresses up for charity

“My favourite outfit so far has probably been Lady Gaga from her Telephone video. Next, I’d like to try dressing up as Ariane Grande, Princess Leia or maybe someone from Little Mix.

“My advice to adults struggling to make an effort with their clothes during lockdown is to just give dressing up a try because it does make you feel really happy.”

Pearl has been sharing her creations on an Instagram page, called pearldressingup.

Her first outfit was a French girl, followed by an explorer and then Kate Bush.

Pearl dresses up for charity

She then emulated Frida Kahlo, John Lennon, Anne-Marie, her grandfather, Billie Eilish and Severus Snape from Harry Potter.

Other outfits included the Queen, complete with a toy dog, Bjork, Lady Gaga, Rey Skywalker, David Bowie, Lisa Simpson and the Girl With A Pearl Earring.

Pearl also recreated the looks of Jackie Weaver, of Handforth Parish Council, Taylor Swift, Greta Thunberg, the Mona Lisa, Elton John, American Gothic and Bill & Ted.

Pearl dresses up for charity

Brother Elliot said: “The Lady Gaga headpiece is completely made out of paper, except some tin foil used for the telephone dial.

“For the stick that Rey Skywalker uses, it’s actually an old pinata stick with the fabric ripped off and then some different old fabric glued on. The Bjork costume we completely made out of paper.”

All the money raised from the challenge will go to Save the Children.

Tammy Hoskins, community fundraising and engagement manager for the charity, said: “We are so grateful for the support of Pearl and her family – the costumes are so fun and have really brought a smile to our faces.

“Save the Children’s work is made possible by inspiring children like Pearl and their amazing commitment to make the world a better place for other children.”

– Pearl’s fundraising page can be found at

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